PS Party

Case Study

A unique event that brought brands and people together through an amazing experience. Our objective was to throw an event and create a one-of-a-kind experience for the ATM Network brand. The result was the PS Party. Take a look at how we put together and activated the "PS Party", a successful, unique event that provided a wonderful experience for all involved.

PS Party

Our objective was to throw an event and create a one-of-a-kind experience for the ATM Network brand.

PS Party
Photo Shoot

We brought in several models for a themed photo shoot for the event. These photos were used across various media to help create an overall branded look.


PS Party
Branding & Design

We built branding for this event that encapsulated our vision for the overall event experience. We created a custom identity, had a themed photo shoot, created a responsive web site, created promotional print collateral including large format sponsor boards and posters and branded event décor.

Identity Design

The idea behind the logo was to incorporate "P" and "S" which stands for "Post Script." We chose to incorporate an owl mascot likeness into the logo whice was meant to represent the idea of "night" (or "Late Night" – which it ended up being!).

Promotional Flyers

We created event flyers that were used as mailed invites and promotional mechanisms.

Event Décor

Event posters as you walked by the venue entrance created from the images we took in our themed photo shoot.

Banners & Sponsor Boards

We busted out some really cool large format print pieces that helped communcicate our event theme. We created both a decorative banner that showcased some of the coolest photos from our themed photo shoot as well as a sponsor board for red carpet photos taken by a professional photographer.

PS Party
Web Site

We created a web site for the event so people could learn, interact and RSVP with the PS Party. The web site was responsive, working across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

PS Party
Event Activation

The event was a complete success. We activated an event that packed the house to capacity. From the time the venue doors opened to the last track, we kept the house operating at max capacity. Our client, ATM Network and sponsors, Grey Goose and Veuve Cliequote, were extremely satisfied with the event results. Take a look at some of the photos from the PS Party!