Eve Events

Case Study

Eve Events creates celebrations inspired by individuality that reflect personality and visions; special events that are memorable for both their clients and their guests.

Eve Events hired Echo Creative for branding and design services. The high-end private event market is made up of consumers that are cultured with lifestyles surrounded in detail-rich environments, luxe style and the best-of amenities. To tap that market, we approached re-branding Eve Events through a lens laser focused on executing something that would talk the same language as our target audience.

When the dust settled, we unveiled a timeless identity system along with some pretty amazing communication tools.

Eve Events
Brand Identity

Eve Events Main Logo

Logo & Color Design

Hand-drawn logo and hand-picked colors.

Eve Brand Identity


Here are the fonts we chose for the brand.

Eve Typeface 1
Eve Typeface 2

Pattern Design

Here is a custom pattern we created for Eve Events. The artwork are cherry blossoms – one of Eve's favorite flowers.

Illustrated Graphic Elements

Here are some illustrated graphics we created and used across various media. The cherry blossoms are a common component across the Eve Events' branding.

Eve Events
business cards

Business cards are typically the first touchpoint for a buyer and a seller. We believe that this touchpoint is one of the most important when it comes to brand introduction.

Check out the first ever (that we know of, at least) wood sleeve + metal card insert – a business card that you will not forget. This one-of-a-kind piece took 5 different specialty vendors and 15 people to produce. The card is made up of 2 pieces; a white birch wood sleeve and a metal, chemically etched insert.

The metal insert piece is printed on two sides, a 'logo-side' and an 'information-side'. The logo-side has a chemically etched logo of the Eve Events "E". The information-side is 2 colors using the same technology as used to print on golf balls. The wood sleeve is actual white birch from northern Minnesota (Eve Events' location). The white birch is the same color and grain pattern as the white birch used throughout the Eve Events interiors. The sleeve's function is meant to hold the metal insert. The metal insert can be pulled in and out as pleased.

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Eve Events
Pop-Up Book

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Eve Events
Environment Design

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