Colored Organics

Case Study

Colored Organics™ offers sweatshop free 100% organic cotton clothing in a variety of unique styles and colors. Their mission is to offer the highest quality organic products at an affordable price produced using ethical business practices, fair labor standards and eco-conscious manufacturing methods.

Echo Creative helped forge this mission into a brand. We've been along for the wild ride of this company since it started. It's exciting to see how far it has come. From a basement to big retail in less than 5 years. Here are some of the chapters we've been able to help write in the Colored Organics™ story.

“One of the best presentations we’ve seen." Target Executive

Colored Organics
Visual Brand Identity

The Logo

Custom logo design.


Colored Orgnaics™ type identity.

Product Iconography

Icons that help communicate the different products offered.

Benefit & Feature Iconography

We created icons for these key benefits/features to help communicate additional value propositions for the brand.

Colored Organics

CGI/3D graphics in place of photography. This process allows us to manipulate all aspects of the image at any moment including color, lighting, and placement.

Colored Organics

Custom packaging reflecting a 3-pack option and single-pack option. Our goal was to create packaging that felt organic. We created an open window to provide customers with the chance to touch the amazing fabric – one of the Colored Organics™' key features.

Colored Organics
Target In-Store Marketing

Colored Organics
Tradeshow Experience Design

Check out the tradeshow experience we designed and activated for Colored Organics.

Photos Here

Colored Organics
Hey, Target!

The Target Pitch

Getting into Target is an alchemy of an amazing product, great branding and a brands potential to grow. Being able to convey all of those factors was the challenge – and we succeeded.

We created a multi-media presentation that communicated to Target why Colored Organics™ would be a perfect addition to their brand line-up. One of the highlights in the pitch was a 157-page product and brand catalog presenting a comprehensive vision of Colored Organics™ in Target.

The Take-Away: Target made their first PO shortly after our presentation. Target executives said it was one of the best presentations they've seen.

"One of the best presentations we’ve seen." Target Executive

Colored Organics
Brand Strategy

Diversification Strategy

Helping to build a brand from the start and seeing it evolve has been an amazing journey. Colored Organics started as a baby line and is branching out into other categories such as toddler, teen, and adult. Simultaneously, the brand has also expanded its distribution channels.

This expansion created a challenge for us. We needed to construct a scalable strategy that would accommodate new lines and different markets. Our solution was to create 3 different line categories, each catering to different markets from product to promotion. Each line served a different market, making the product relevant across different retailers.

The take-away: We provided Colored Organics with a framework to expand into new product verticals, allowing them to diversify their product line-up and ultimately grow.

Product Development

Being involved in the creation of the technical designs - "Tech Packs" – for the products, essentially the construction blueprints for a garment, led a couple of us off to India for a hands-on look at the manufacturing process. Our mission was to oversee the process and understand how to fine-tune communications to ensure the best possible quality output.

Our Contribution
Technical Consulting

Colored Organics™' cotton and fit are what makes it so special. Being able to see how the product construction blueprints that were made back in the states translated to the manufacturers gave us insight as to how to refine the process and make it more bullet proof for future orders.

Our Contribution
Quality Control

The quality of Colored Organics™ garments are second-to-none in their respective markets. Maintaining a standard for garment construction is a critical part of that quality position. Being involved in the manufacturing process allowed us to determine ways to elevate the manufacturing quality by suggesting a refined manufacturing process with quality checkpoints all managed through cloud-based project management software.

Our Contribution

Being a part of the manufacturing process allowed us to examine and find insights that would save our clients money. In this case, we found a new print vendor that was located within the same country as the manufacturers that provided higher-quality goods than the previous vendor. The switch also saved Colored Organics™ on average 15% of the COGS from their other source.