Channel Partners

Case Study

Channel Partners LLC was established during a time of economic turmoil where many traditional funding sources were either reducing their lending activities or exiting the market completely. This exodus left small to mid-sized businesses with fewer financing alternatives.

Their job is to “connect the right companies”, which means using their own funds through Channel Partners Capital or through their extensive funding relationships to the best financing alternative for businesses.

Channel Partners approached us to build software that would provide a resource to get fast, convenient and realistic loan quotes through an online portal. We built that software and connected it to a responsive web site that yields a great experience across phones, tablets and desktops. Additionally, we added a 'white-label' instance of the 2-Minute Quote for Channel Partners' brokers along with a system generated follow-up email to pending applicants. Here are some more details on this cool stuff that has made a big impact for our clients' business.

Channel Partners
Digital Strategy

The Challenge:

Create software that calculated accurate loan quotes based on a set of only 6 variables and could be experienced on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Build an option off of the 2MQ software that would accommodate brokers and provide a white label and even a branded version of the software for brokers.

Build a personalized email follow-up for applicants of the 2-Minute Quote.

Create a responsive web site that would allow people to interact with the applications on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Channel Partners
Web Design

We created a responsive web site that can be experienced across mobile, tablet and desktop devices seamlessly.

Launch Site

Channel Partners
2-Minute Quote App

We built software that calculated accurate loan quotes based on a set of 6 variables and could be experienced on mobile, tablet and desktop devices seamlessly.

Launch App

How it works...

Here's an overview of the 2-Minute Quote experience...

Step 1

Fill out your application in just 11 fields. The application takes no sensitive information other than your contact info and some general financial data.

Step 2

Once your data has been entered you will be able to process your application in real-time.

Step 3

See how much your business will legitimately qualify for instantly.

Step 4

To officially apply for the loan you need to fill out additional business information. Our app formats your pre-approval data and applies it to a server generated PDF form that can be printed out, completed and turned in for a formal loan approval.

Channel Partners
White Label 2-Minute Quote

We created a 'White Label' version where independent brokers could use a branded version of the 2-Minute Quote for their customers.

Add your own logo to your own 2MQ App!

We created a white label version of the 2MQ app that allowed brokers to have their own sub-domain 2MQ web site with their own branding on both the web site and the printed documents.

Dynamic Branding

Approved brokers are able to log in and upload their logo and contact information through a CMS interface. The app then dynamically updates and re-brands their own version of the 2MQ web site for that broker.

Broker Web Portal

Approved brokers receive their own sub-domain with their own branded instance of the 2MQ app. The broker can then use that link on their own web site and incorporate it into their site structure making it feel like the user never left the brokers' web site.

Branded Documents

One of the coolest features of the 2MQ app is that once your get your offer you are able to download a server-side generated pre-qualification document that has your data filled in. The white label version for brokers actually re-brands these documents with the brokers' contact info and logo.

Channel Partners
CRM 1:1 Email Automatic Follow-up

So a potential client filled out an app but hasn't followed through, what now? We created a personalized, 1:1 follow-up email campaign application that automatically generates and deploys a follow-up email to pending customers.

How It Works:

There are several cool features for this app:

The Email

Clients or applicants receive a follow-up email in several intervals if they haven't followed-through with the loan they were approved for on the 2-Minute Quote. The emails are dynamically generated templates with blocks of data that correspond specifically to that applicant such as name and the approval amount.

Admin Control

We built an admin area that allows Channel Partners to set-up parameters around the delivery of the follow-up emails. They set things like how many emails (3 in most cases), dates, times and messaging for each.


We set-up Google Analytics in the email follow-ups to measure the success of each touchpoint. We were able to gain insight as to the most effective messaging as well as the best time to send the emails relative to the application date.